When I first heard the words “student data binders” at the beginning of the school year, I felt 1. angry, because I knew this was something we would have no guidance on from admin and 2. confused, because as a new teacher I didn’t even feel confident in collecting data myself!

As I wrote several weeks ago, the one thing I wanted to work on for September was tracking student data using their data binders. I have found that so far that creating my own sheets to put in their books works best, as it is directly tailored and aligned to my own instruction. The kids also seem to really like it because they can see their own growth and it has become motivating for them to see their improvement on a graph!

I have used data tracking sheets so far for long division, adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals, reading fluency, and for the “Think-Aloud” strategy. The sheets I make are pretty simple. They have the standards at the top, a place to mark a starting and ending score, or a checklist for students to check off the things they can do and analyze the things they still need to work on.

Another thing I noticed promotes metacognition for my students is allowing them to write a goal for whatever objective they are working on. This goal allows them to reflect and to target skills during practice and they know exactly where they can improve.

I have been using the data binders almost every day since my last post and I can’t wait to use them for a whole year and see how my students grow!

Attached is the unit I will be doing for narrative writing, which also includes two data tracking sheets:

Personal narrative rough draft rubric

Personal narrative final draft rubric

Narrative Slideshow

Link to student examples:



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